The firm has nearly 50 years’ experience of providing advice in the entertainment industry generally and having particular experience with recording and music publishing, acting for artists, writers, producers and managers as well as many independent record and publishing companies.

We have seen the changes brought about by technology and trends during that time, ranging from the decline and re-emergence of vinyl, the MTV phenomenon and the rise and fall of the Compact Disc. We have also lived through changes in the live music scene as it has grown from its ‘pub rock’ roots to embrace music festivals and club culture.

The Internet has brought about profound changes and our experience serves us well as we advise our media and entertainment clients on the multitude of legal issues that they face in a world of downloads, streaming and 360 degree deals. The wheel may have been greatly modified but it has not been entirely reinvented and the basic rules of copyright (and, for that matter, human nature) remain largely unchanged.

We have developed specialist legal knowledge relating to the online exploitation of intellectual property assets, particularly in association with marketing and advertising activity (e.g. the production and licensing of so-called ‘branded content’).

We provide advice both to start-ups and to established bands, brands and businesses. We understand the pressures and problems implicit in establishing and maintaining a successful career or business and take pride in our long-standing relationships with our clients who trust us to take care of their legal and business affairs.

Aside from offering common sense advice, our work for our clients includes drafting and negotiating:

  • Recording agreements
  • Group partnership agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Record production agreements
  • Record producer/mixer/remixer agreements
  • Sample clearances
  • Music publishing and administration agreements
  • Physical/digital distribution agreements
  • Licensing and lease tape agreements
  • Master use and synchronization licenses
  • Management/agency agreements
  • Media licensing agreements
  • Film, TV and content production agreements
  • Talent Clearances
  • Book publishing agreements
  • Brand licensing agreements

The firm is also proud to have a longstanding involvement with the London Art Scene and represents both art galleries and a number painters and sculptors who have achieved international recognition.

Both David Gentle and Bob Page are recognized as experts in the field of Media and Entertainment.