It is very important to make a Will. Should you die intestate (i.e. without having made a Will) you could jeopardise the future security of dependants and loved ones as the Intestacy Rules often work unfairly. For example, the Intestacy Rules work on direct bloodlines and do not take account of unmarried partners, however long you have lived together and further, your estate may not be inherited by those you wish.

By making a Will you can:

  • ensure that your money and property passes to the people you want in the way that you want
  • include legacies to individuals and charities
  • choose the executors who will administer your estate
  • appoint guardians to look after your children
  • plan your affairs to save on Inheritance Tax
  • ensure that your spouse or partner always has a home
  • give rights of occupation to children who are still living at home on your death; and
  • ensure that the value of your share in your home ultimately passes to your children should your partner remarry after your death

We offer a comprehensive Will drafting service. Also, if you wish to appoint the firm as an executor of your Will you can be assured of an efficient and sympathetic administration of your estate by specialist professionals. You will also avoid any problem caused by your executors predeceasing you or being unwilling/unable to act.

We handle the administration and winding-up of estates, including applications for probate (and letters of administration, if you have not made a will) liaising with experts to obtain valuations, asset realization and the preparation of estate accounts.

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